Taking to the Top - Adult Educators on the Journey

In relation to rapid changes in the labour market, aging population and immigration issues, there is a continual need for adult training in the EU member states that sets the requirements to the quality of training into a totally new perspective.
Adult educators need the knowledge and skills that are necessary to train the adults of different target groups on key competences. Adult education institutions, especially non-formal education organisations, feel the need for a curriculum framework that would serve as the basis for the syllabi suitable for use in the day-to-day adult educators’ training.
The main objective  of the project is fostering quality improvements, innovation excellence and enhancing transnational cooperation. The main task is the development of curriculum framework for training the adult educators who teach the different target groups basic skills and key competences.

The project activities will focus on the development of the curriculum framework of adult educators, including curriculum piloting and dissemination activities.
The project activities are carried out by adult education organisations from six European countries (Estonia, Greece, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and UK).

Main beneficiaries are 7 partner organisations from 6 European countries, adult educators in European countries, providers of continuing education for adult educators have possibility to use for continuing education courses curriculum designed by internatinal team of adult education experts. Other stakeholders who can benefit are  adult learners as the quality of teaching is better (professional),  decision makers and politicians in adult education field can count with good quality adult education.

As to the results and direct impact of the project,  participating partner countries have curriculum framework based on which they can train adult educators and improve the quality of training. Implementation of national and EU policies on a larger scale  can be considered as an indirect impact of the project.
Intellectual outputs developed in the course of the project serve as the basis for contemporary training programmes and syllabi for adult educators` training. After the project, partners continue the activities related to the development of professionalism of adult educators, including development of adult educators` occupational qualification standards.
Dissemination via EPALE platform provides the project with greater publicity and availability across Europe. Use EPALE  platform supports also longer term benefits.


Project coordinator                                                                           

Estonia - AEAE Andras

Project partners

Portugal - Aidlearn, Consultoria em Recursos Humanos Lda.

United Kingdom - Global Learning & Skills Partnership Global

Estonia - Estonian Non-formal Adult Education Association

Sweden - Hälsingland Education Association

Switzerland - Schweizerischer Verband für Weiterbildung

Greece - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki