Highlight of the opening ceremony was the recognition and congratulating of performers of the year. There were 225 nominees submitted for the already traditional four categories. For the title of the learner of the year there were 110 nominees, 51 for the educator, 45 for the education friendly organisation and 19 for the education friendly local government of the year.

The Learner of the Year 2007 – Helle Tikka from Hiiumaa

With higher education on education, Helle Tikka has worked as a kindergarten headmaster, a teacher, a county tourism developer and a tour guide. Her story as a learner began on the day when she had to start to live differently due to her worsening eyesight. She acquired a new occupation enabling her to work when blind. She is now employed as a successful masseur.

The Educator of the Year – Aino Mölder from Jõgevamaa

As a teacher of Luua Forestry School, Aino Mölder, is also a valued compiler of forestry, gardening and tourism qualification standards and national curricula.



The Education Friendly Organisation of the Year – limited liability company Sakala Teed from Viljandimaa, the main area of which is road construction and maintenance, and that purposely guides the development of the company through training.

The Education Friendly Local Government of the Year – Kose Rural Municipality from Harjumaa, which acknowledges their residents’ learning and self-development and has created favourable conditions for that.

Special recognition

 A special recognition fell upon three special learners from a non-profit association Samaria Estonian Mission – Harry Riibon, Vello Orav and Kalle Takk who were trainees there. Samaria trains and supports the return to working life of long-term unemployed, homeless and sentenced persons by giving them theoretical and practical training on construction and repair in Haapsalu.

During ALW all the nominees are recognised. Recognition events are held in every county with representatives of county and local governments, including, in some cases, county governors.

The mission of Andras is to provide the prerequisites for lifelong learning in Estonia, to include the decision makers and all other stakeholders in designing the educational environment, and to motivate learners in the learning process.